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Private Classes

Obedience training and problem solving in your home. Training is conducted using clicker training, positive reinforcement and no physical aversives.

In home training allows:

  • Your puppy to start training as early as 2 months old. Group classes require vaccinations to be completed prior to participation.
  • Trains the dog in the environment they live in.
  • Addresses problem behavior where it happens.
  • Great for highly distractible dogs that don't do well in a class environment or have not responded to obedience training in a group setting
  • Training is customized to you and your dog.

Group Classes

I will begin offering afternoon and evening basic obedience group classes in January 2007 at Camp Bow Wow, 602 Airport Road, Greenville, SC., 864-220-1223.

Group classes offer:

  • Offers a safe setting for socialization of your dog or puppy.
  • Interaction with other dog guardians.
  • Lower cost.

Requirements for group classes:

  • Must be 2 months or older.
  • Rabies, Distemper and Bordatella vaccinations must be up to date and proof brought to the first class.
  • If your puppy is under 4 months old must be up to date on Distemper and Bordatella vaccinations.
  • Must be spayed or neutered if older than 6 months.
  • Generally be in good health.

Life Skills Class

6 weeks - 1 hour per week

This class will take your dog's basic obedience behaviors on the road. The first class will be held at Camp Bow Wow and the other five classes will be held at locations to be determined by the class. We will continue to work on your dog's basic obedience skills but will add in distractions by taking the class to a pet store, the dog park, downtown Greenville, and other locations to practice.

The one requirement for this class is that your dog must have an understanding of basic obedience cues such as sit, down, stay, focus, come, and loose leash walking. We will be using the clicker to train and if you are unfamiliar with the clicker I will discuss how to use it in the first class.

Basic Obedience Class

6 weeks - 1 hour per week

Sit - Stay
Loose Leash Walking
Down - Stay
Leave it or Trade it
Problem Solving

Class length depends on problem behavior

Leash Pulling
Why Clicker Training?
  • Fastest way to get reliable behavior from your dog.
  • Builds your dog's confidence by allowing the dog to control its environment and getting clicked and rewarded for specific behavior.
  • Teaches you to notice what your dog is doing correctly - improving your observation skills and teaching you to appreciate what you like about your dog.
  • Builds and expands your dog's good behavior.
  • Clicker training is fun.
  • A new way to communicate with your dog and builds trust between you and your dog.
  • Provides mental stimulation for your dog which can alleviate boredom, a root of many behavior problems.